At Drayton Investigations LLC, we know what it’s like to have questions but moreover, what it takes to get answers.


We are a team of private investigators serving the state of South Carolina, who have a reputation for being thorough, professional, and honest. We provide expedient results through years of knowledge, experience, and expertise. We pride ourselves on having competitive, flexible rates, and free consultations with the understanding that every case is unique. Drayton Investigations uses the latest audio, video, and GPS tracking technology while conducting investigations. State-of-the-art equipment is absolutely imperative when a life-altering decision can be swayed in your favor with evidence of a person, their relations, movements, and/or behaviors.  If you are seeking investigative services in South Carolina, give us a call!


Services Offered:

-Process Service


-GPS Tracking

-Digital/Computer Forensics

-Adultery/Infidelity Investigation

-Personal and Executive Security

-Child Support/ Child Custody Investigations

-Insurance Fraud/Business Abuse Investigations

-In Court Testimonies (whenever necessary)



*Be aware that any and all work and surveillance conducted during our investigations is completed by private investigators licensed by the state of South Carolina and the South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators and is always within the bounds of the law. To protect our firm and any evidence obtained from being thrown out in court proceedings, we will not break, or even bend the law to obtain any type of evidence. Our investigators act ethically and will never go outside the restrictions of their licensing.


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