We know that surveillance is necessary, and even more so that it needs to be done discretely. Our investigators at Drayton Investigations utilize top of the line technical equipment during all investigations. Our investigators are all trained to use each piece of equipment professionally and efficiently.



Types of equipment on hand:

-DSLR Cameras (Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon)

-Covert (hidden) cameras

-HD Camcorders (Canon, Samsung)

-GPS Trackers

*More equipment is available for use when requested or necessary.*


Drayton Investigations uses the latest technology in Global Positioning System tracking, which provides our clients with round the clock, real-time locations and movements of those being tracked. Our programs alert us every time the vehicle tagged is on the move, its direction, speed, latitude, and longitude. Predetermined locations can be input into the system, allowing us to know when the tracker enters or leaves the area as it happens.  With today’s technological advances, satellites can allow us to send and receive this information remotely, even from hundreds of miles away.



***We will not trespass upon private property nor will we peek around or conduct surveillance through window treatments….

…such practices are illegal and you should become suspicious if the investigator you have obtained offers to provide such services.