Infidelity & Adultery

Separations and divorces are hard on everyone. Accusations and sneaky actions can add even more unnecessary stress on a relationship. When there is doubt in your marriage or you may suspect your spouse is being unfaithful, please look no further than Drayton Investigations to find the answers you are searching for.  Emotions run high during these times, and it extremely crucial to not let assumptions and insecurities cloud your judgment when years or lifetimes of marriage may be at stake. That’s where we come in.

With free consults and 100% confidentiality within our firm, our team is devoted to finding the truth. We respect your privacy and understand that each and every scenario is unique and different.

Our licensed investigators can provide testimonies, photographic and video evidence, and professional, unbiased opinions. Because of the unbiased and unrelated nature of a third party, an investigator’s findings may be favored in court as opposed to those of the parties themselves, or friends/family.